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The temporomandibular joint (aka the TMJ) can create significant life disturbances when irritated. Unlike many other joints, there is no avoiding your TMJ pain. If your knee hurts with running, you can find a different way to exercise. Back pain with kettlebell swings? Let’s substitute that in your workouts for something else.

But with TMJ pain you can’t simply avoid aggravating activites. You have to eat. You can’t avoid having conversations with family and co-workers.

So you deal with it and suffer for far too long. You’ve tried night guards and medications with no real change.

At Onward Richmond, Dr. Mark Gallant specializes in bringing relief to those suffering from chronic TMJ pain, as well as the neck pain and frequent headaches that often come with it. We would love the opportunity to help those wanting to regain their freedom of movement without surgeries, injections, or wasting time with ineffective treatments.


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patient testimonials

See what these patients had to say about their experience with Onward Richmond…

“Mark does a great job in tailoring the need of the patient by taking the time to assess every aspect of my injury from mobility to muscle compensation issues. What I liked most was that, he was able to draw out a clear timeline for short term and long term goals that fitted my needs to go back to playing sports at full speed. If you want someone that will take the time to recover from all aspects of your injury, give Mark a call.”

Chris R.

“All physical therapists are not equal. I’ve used Dr. Mark Gallant for over four years with superior results. Knowledge, professionalism, preparedness, compassion and friendliness are the recipe here. Undoubtedly I’ve healed faster than expected.”

Patrick L.

“Dr. Mark is the absolute best person to see when it comes to aches and pains. His knowledge and experience is highlighted in his methodical approach to assessment and treatment. Not only did Dr. Gallant treat my nagging pains, he would go out of his way to explain potential causes and how to avoid them in the future. Onward’s process of identifying and actually treating the cause, rather than symptoms, is what sets them apart from everyone else.”

Kevin P.

the onward difference

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At Onward, our process for providing lasting relief to individuals suffering from TMJ pain is simple, but incredibly effective. We utilize a combination of hands-on techniques and progressive exercises that are specifically tailored to you. Every individual dealing with temporomandibular pain is unique, and your treatment should be too!

From professional athletes, to weekend warriors, to those working desk jobs, and everything in between – we’ve helped people from all walks of life get their freedom back!

Put The Fire Out

A variety of manual therapy techniques targeting the neck and upper back can provide rapid decreases in your pain levels and immediately improve your mobility.

Find The Source

A thorough and detailed examination to figure out what is actually causing your headaches, allowing us to not only eliminate your current headache in the short term, but prevent them from happening in the future!

Build You Back Up!

Our long term solution with headache treatment is to increase your mobility, strengthen the muscles of the neck and back, and develop long term lifestyle strategies so that your headaches no longer hold you back!

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