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Being really strong in the lateral hip and core is vitally important to many sports, exercises, and activities of daily living.  These muscles allow us to lift heavier weights with squats, run with better form, and tolerate more rigors of daily life.  A lack of strength in the lateral hip and core can make performing to our full potential at the gym, running, and daily life much more challenging.  The side plank with hip abduction is one of our favorite exercises to progress lateral hip and trunk strength.  This can be too much of a challenge for some people and we need to start a little lighter.  Below is the side plank hip abduction and our favorite regression for this exercise.

Side lying plank hip raises 

The side lying plank hip raises provides a significant amount of challenge to the hip and core on both sides of the body.  The side facing down has to stabilize the body. The up hip has to work against gravity to perform the raise. A good goal is to shoot for 15 slow and controlled reps each side.  If this gets easy, feel free to add a resistance band like below. 

Modified side plank hip raises for lateral hip and core strength

The side planks with hip raises may be too challenging right now. If so, we want to break the exercise up into its smaller components.  Modified plank hip raises and side plank holds are another one of our favorite hip and core exercises. Try and build up to a one minute side plank hold and 15 modified plank hip raises. Then re-attempt the side plank hip raises.  

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